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Friday, August 17, 2018
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Paul Hahm

Hello Friends,
Most biblical scholars believe the earliest parts of the Bible both Old and New Testament were songs and poems. That’s because before there was written language, stories and lessons were often passed down through oral tradition and song. Vocal music is powerful because it contains both intellectual and emotional content.
While I may not know the words to certain hymns, I often find myself humming a tune or singing a familiar refrain. During those moments, I feel connected with God and I can feel my faith being strengthened.
On Sundays July 1 to July 22, Reverend Melanie Baker and I will be preaching, a sermon series entitled “Singing Our Faith.” We’ll examine some of our favorite hymns, gospels, and contemporary pieces that have been an important part of our faith journey. Our hope is that singing our faith won’t be relegated to our time at church but become a part of our daily lives.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Paul