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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Paul Hahm

Hello Friends,

 My wife and I workout at the Westside YMCA and for the past year we’ve noticed a boy about 7 years old training for basketball with this dad almost every day of the week. Not playing basketball, but training. He’s doing handling drills, shooting drills, cone drills, etc. In between drills, he’ll open up a notebook and do what appears to be his regular school homework. He’s there grinding it out almost every night. I often wonder, if this young boy is having fun or it’s just work for him. One thing is very clear, he’s not there to just have fun he’s there to train to be a great basketball player. 
There are certain days when I have no motivation to go to the gym or I make an excuse that I’m too tired. However, I’m inspired by the young boy and his dad’s work ethic. I imagine there are days they don’t want to train but they're still out there because of their drive to grow and their discipline to work. I think that’s what the early Christians had in mind when they began observing the season of Lent.
The forty days before Easter represented the forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness preparing for public ministry. It was time of self-reflection, meditation, prayer, and discipline (giving things up, taking on new practices) as a way to mature faith. The idea was that, through the pain of and self-denial of Lent, there could be new life and resurrection with Christ on Easter. 
I don’t know what that young boy’s name is but I imagine his hard work will continue to see results on and off the basketball court. Perhaps he'll go on to play at the collegiate or professional level? Perhaps the work ethic instilled in him will translate into another area of his life? My hope is that I can  put forth as much effort to be who God wants me to be. My prayer is that you will as well!
Grace and peace, Paul